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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Whitewash Is Brainwash by Get Cape Wear Cape Fly

Sam Duckworth is Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly is Sam Duckworth. Recently signed to Atlantic Records and certainly deserving of that, but it worries me that it will be mere months before he is suckling on the rich teat that is a James Blunt support slot, I hope not.
Sam writes gorgeous songs filled out on the whole with a tiny little bit of brass and his laptop, he strums away at his guitar whilst windows XP farts all over the tunes. Sounds crap doesn't it? It isn't, its special and magical and the news that Sam had got signed was a real punch the air in delight moment.

This track, Whitewash is brainwash comes from his self titled ep released by shoddily slow mail order merchants Big Scary Monsters. In 2005 a cracking ep was released by BSM. This CD immediately sold out. Today, still wanted by the record buying public, it continues to be available on BSM's website. If you want it, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you buy it from the BSM-Team.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where Is My Mind By James Blunt.


Where is my mind by James Blunt

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Funky Cold Medina by The Frank and Walters

The Frank and Walters, happy go lucky pop indie boys from Cork armed with a smile, orange dungarees and more pop hits than a stick could be shook at. Then they got serious and the world stopped loving them.

This is a cover of the Tone Loc track Funky Cold Medina, this is a studio version, if you can track down a version that they played live at Glastonbury, download it it is a lot better.

I used to love them like no other band, and saw them again recently and it was like it was 1991 all over again, they were superb.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues by The Godfathers

I am trying to avoid slipping any Johnny Cash into this blog, at least in the foreseeable future. It isn't that I dislike the man or his music, it is actually the opposite, Johnny cash is one of my favourite artists, I truly love him and his work. That's the problem, how many blogs have hurt on them, or some reference to Walk the Line, to the point of tedium. So I am going to let all this hullaballoo calm down then hit you up the head with Orange Blossom Special or some other work of genius.

The Godfathers then, Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues. I remember seeing them on Top Of The Pops and thinking fuck, they look hard, in the same respect that The Stranglers looked hard or Motorhead, you didn't want to mess with any of them, not Primal Scream though, I say Primal Scream, Bobby Gillespie, I could easily have him, him and the singer out of The Field Mice. I digress this track although namechecks Johnny, it almost steals his style as well, the chugging guitar could be Luther Perkins, well Luther Perkins if he had been a member of Eddie and The Hotrods. Its a good solid dance track, in the old sense of the word dance and not some godawful techno bobbins.
The Godfathers

Seashaken Heart by Track A Tiger

The world, his dad, his dad's friend Gary, his dog and all his mates likes Track a Tiger at the moment, and I can't blame them. The internet is a powerful beast as seen recently by the the rise and rise of The Arctic Monkeys and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Track a Tiger look to be the next big thing that finally will be the death knell for the NME. If they don't have the power, what's the need to buy it?

So Seashaken Heart, you need this on a tape for a that special someone that may or may not want you to get jiggy widdem, it is another beautifully lifting and lilting song that gets your heart, gives it a little squeeze and then pops it gently in that cavity in your chest where the heart goes. Sounding someway between Low and Mojave 3 it really is a captivating track. You will love it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

King of Carrot Flowers Parts One, Two and Three by Neutral Milk Hotel

2 songs today, well 2 songs that are extensions of each other. It has to be said that In an Aeroplane over the sea is a lost work of genius, the people that own it know how wonderful it is, however in these Q polls of the greatest albums of all time, shit like OK Computer get placed high and Neutral Milk Hotel still walk around in relative anonymity, when I am king though this will be remedied and said album will be played each morning on my state run radio network, you can see I have clearly given this some thought.

King of carrot flowers then the best tracks on a fine fine album, upbeat and rocking the suburbs, you don't add this to a mixtape, you base it on these songs. Download this then go get the album.
Neutral Milk Hotel

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The End of the World by The Living End

Aussie punks then, that doesn't instil confidence, like coffee Pepsi somehow the two don't sit too nicely together. Please don't lecture me about the myriad of Australian punk bands, to me I know of one, and that is The Living End, and they doth rock, so I don't need to know of any more.

End of the world chugs along at breakneck speed and at times reminds me of the long tall texans, it isn't psychobilly, it really isn't but it is good and worth the 2 minutes downloading it, I promise you will play it more than once.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Sunday Morning Comin' Down by Kris Kristofferson

Sunday Morning Comin' Down, been covered by a few people, all of them have that certain believable quality that makes you believe that yes, they will spend Sunday morning coming down and not finishing off the Telegraph's Sudoku. Kris Kristofferson wrote this and you feel that with that face, and that voice he did have a beer for breakfast and another for desert, no Angel Delight for that man.

I love this song though, one of my all time favourite tracks and a welcome addition to any compilation, bridging the gap between country and folk way better than the below par, in my opinion Me and Bobby McGhee, a joy.

Kris Kristofferson

Mixtape by Brand New

One of the many stand out tracks from Brand New's debut release Your Favourite Weapon. Before the fame and when they only wanted to name check Morrissey as opposed to imitate him.

This song may be a clich├ęd opener to a mixtape but what better song, well ok, maybe The Promise Ring's Make me a mixtape, but aside from that this is the one.

This year will see the release of Brand New's third album and it promises to be a strong follow up to Deja Entendu, the leaked demos hinted at that, in the mean time, download this and put it on to a tape for a girl that you are falling out of love with.

Mixtape.mp3 by Brand New
Brand New